Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get The Bar Review

What is Get The Bar? Simply put it is a web toolbar that installs into your web browser. The cool thing about it is that when you surf the web and interact with the Get The Bar tool you will be shown advertising ads when you click on them you make money.The one thing that makes this opportunity so great is that it is 100% free. Yes you read that right it is completely FREE no upgrades to choose from, no one time offers just simply free.

The Get The Bar Tool pays you on 7 levels for referring friends to download and install the Get The Bar tool. So when they begin to surf the web ad click on the advertisers ads you get paid from their activity also. This is where this Free Opportunity begins to get real exciting when it goes viral your earnings will begin to grow tremendously.This has to be one of the best opportunities i have seen in a long time especially one that cost you absolutely nothing to join.

This video will give you the just of how simple it is to download The Bar and install it and then begin to make money. Click on the video to play if it stops part way through just press the play button again.

How To use the Get The Bar Tool And Make Money

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